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Next session: Saturday, 26 April

The party will begin its exploration of Firehammer Hold.


See you there!

Welcome to Daggerford!

Daggerford stands beside the Delimbiyr River as a relic of an earlier age. The walled Daggerford_Map.jpgvillage with its central keep reflects its origin as the feudal seat of a lord within a much larger kingdom. Its customs and laws are holdovers from that time as well.

Despite its small size, Daggerford is an important hub for trade. The Delimbiyr River becomes shallow at Daggerford (thus the “ford” in its name), so boat traffic from towns to the east has to stop. This traffic meets with caravans traveling north or south on the Trade Way, and thus goods, business, and taxes enrich what might otherwise be considered a petty, rural fiefdom.

Thus has Daggerford gained a reputation as a good place for beginning adventurers to start their careers. After an eventful journey, your party has arrived, only to be pressed into service by the paladin Isteval against the shadow that threatens this once peaceful region…

The wiki will contain more helpful information.

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