Darkness over Daggerford

The Cleansing of Wraithwood Caverns

Long ago, in a forest since known as Wraithwood, a powerful necromancer named Nal’ild performed a series of dark rituals that enabled him to transcend mortality and become a lich. Though the lich has long since left, traces of the necrotic rituals still remain that prevent the forest from healing. Lately the evil seems to be leaching into the land, with crops blighting, insects growing larger and more ravenous and attacks by nighttime predators becoming more frequent.

The party was contacted by a human druid named Dynden Ryntos, who wished to hire the party to help him cleanse Wraithwood Cavern of the necrotic magic that lingers there. He gave the group five special ritual scrolls to be used to dispel any necrotic ritual circles left inside of the cavern. The party braved the perils of Wraithwood Cavern, the very place the rituals were performed, in order to extinguish the necrotic energy that remains.

In their explorations, the party encountered stirges, a howling wraith, evil cultists and a giant carnivorous plant.



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